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Moe Career Consulting, LLC

Moe Career Consulting, LLC

Lucas Moe is dedicated to accelerating the job search and helping his clients find meaningful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding careers.  In addition to earning his Doctorate in Education, Lucas has completed extensive training to earn his TTI Success Insights® DISC and  TTI-Motivators® Certifications. This unique training employs science and behavior-based tools in a unique approach that accelerates the job search and helps job-seekers find careers that they’re truly passionate about.

Lucas primarily serves clients in the greater Seattle region. In addition, since he serves clients via phone and video conference, he can help you find your next great career anywhere in the world, no matter where you’re located.

Lucas launched his career coaching journey as a Work and Family Life Consultant with the US  Dept. of the Navy. He managed the Family Employment Readiness Program,  assisting military family members to create their job search materials and understand the federal job search process. He later managed the  Transition Assistance Program, facilitating separating and retiring service members’ transitions into the civilian work sector. He helped his clients identify career interests, create effective application packages, and learn effective job search strategies. He also worked with clients to build and optimize their networks, master interviewing  strategies and techniques, practice salary negotiations, and successfully prepare for their transitions out of the military. Lucas found this work so rewarding, he wanted to continue career coaching after separating from military life.

Lucas loves coaching,  mentoring, and being part of his clients’ journey toward achieving success by their standards. He particularly enjoys résumé-building and helping clients overcome “imposter syndrome,” or feelings of self-doubt during their job search. He uses two frameworks in his approach to  writing effective resumes: “show vs. tell” and “achieve vs. do.” Lucas explains, “Being able to clearly articulate results and accomplishments builds confidence and self-esteem. This empowers clients to take pride  in their work and their many accomplishments.”

Lucas is passionate about working with individuals to discover and advance their careers, unlock their growth potential by improving their skills, and expand their capabilities to achieve their career goals. He does this by applying his knowledge of job search strategies, through effective coaching and mentoring techniques, and by optimizing networking capacity. He is motivated to help as many clients as he can to find both success and satisfaction in their careers.

Lucas Moe earned his  Doctorate in Education at Walden University. He also earned a Master’s  Degree in Social Work at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Lucas is a proud member of the National Society of Leadership  & Success and the National Notary Association.

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