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Our mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations stay relevant during these times of exponential change. Our assessments and resources provide personalized insights to help individuals navigate the future of work, learning and leadership.


Talent Transformation is an international team of professionals with extensive experience leading organizations and teams of all sizes. Our backgrounds have helped us develop learning resources to help you learn and grow.


We research and produce new information weekly to help you make sense of what's happening and how it affects your future. Members receive free access to assessments and resources that help them develop skills for the 21st century.


Thanks to charitable donations all our resources are completely free


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The Foundation for Talent Transformation helps people transform themselves and their relationships with others.

Automation is taking over the tasks previously performed by humans. The new world of work requires new skills to communicate and collaborate effectively. Unfortunately, our education systems have not helped individuals develop these skills to work well with others.


The Foundation for Talent Transformation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that helps individuals stay relevant by helping them understand themselves and others, embrace learning opportunities, and plan for future jobs. 

Talent Transformation offers assessments that provide helpful, personalized guidance based on our members responses to a questionnaire. The feedback members receive will help them with their personal growth, improve their relationships with others, and help them understand the future of work.

“Understanding what I didn’t realize I didn’t know has helped me take my career in a new more enjoyable direction.”

To help individuals understand and prepare for the future of work we provide diagnostic quizzes and create content, videos and blog articles to keep them up to date. We also interview CEOs, HR and management consultants, coaches, researchers, and other thought leaders. These resources will provide insights to help individuals with their self-growth, give them guidance for better career planning and ultimately lead them to find purpose in their lives.


Christyn Rochel
Christyn is the Social Media Manager of the Foundation of Talent Transformation. She is an experienced digital marketer managing various social media platforms to build brand awareness and drive traffic.  Through her knowledge of working in the social media marketing industry, she is helping the foundation to build online presence, helping more people that there’s a platform that will help them understand themselves, others and the future of work.

Willian Machado
Willian is a dedicated professional with experience and vision on the corporate training and E-learning market, Graduated in Marketing and Web design, after which he has  been dedicating to improve and innovate in the e-learning industry. He has been working on the market delivering system solutions, creative content, and technical expertise in different areas of distance learning.

Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa 
Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa has a Ph.D in Psychology. Her specialties are applying an eclectic approach to assessment creation and developing descriptive reports. She has 15 years of experience in the assessment space. She has also been a career guidance counsellor in her career. She is currently evangelizing the benefits of cognitive diversity and total inclusion practices at workplace, through some pioneering frameworks and models.

Logan Block 
The son of lifelong educators, Logan Block has spent his career striving to create opportunities for people to develop knowledge and skills that serve them for a lifetime. As a teacher in varied settings, he has witnessed the power of self-awareness and skill development as a path to greater autonomy and self-efficacy for all people. His experiences in the modern American school system have led him to a firm belief in the goals of Talent Transformation as a change agent in the rapidly changing world of work.

Robert Pedigo
As an experienced board member, Robert Pedigo brings strong for-profit and non-profit experience. He is an experienced C-suite executive with proven abilities in building and maintaining successful organizations, mission-critical initiatives, and pioneering programs. In addition, Robert is an insightful strategist with a strong track record of building organizations and orchestrating beneficial strategic alliances. As an accomplished leader with USA and Irish (European Union) citizenships, he brings experience from doing business in North America, India, China, Japan, and Singapore.

Eric Shepherd 

Eric Shepherd is the President of the Foundation of Talent Transformation, a 501(c)3 charity helping individuals thrive during periods of change by helping them understand themselves, others, and the new world of work. To achieve the Talent Transformation mission, it provides helpful quizzes, curated learning experiences, articles, podcasts, webinars, and webcasts.


Joan Phaup 
Joan’s wide-ranging career in newspaper and radio journalism, technical writing, marketing, and public relations has included writing and editing everything from personal interest columns and opinion pieces to blogs, websites, and white papers. She has a bachelor’s degree in history and a certificate in copyediting from the University of California at San Diego Extension.

Nacho Nwana 
Nacho Nwana is a visionary entrepreneur and educator. After serving as four-year class president at MIT, Nacho started his first venture coaching MIT professors on presentations given to a country's government and Fortune 500 executives. Nacho serves as the associate dean for the Take the World Forward Fellowship where he has designed and taught a design curriculum to high school students around the world. Nacho has been featured on BBC News, Forbes, and MIT News, for his contributions to the education and entrepreneurship space.

Jodi Lis 
Jodi has over twenty years of experience designing and implementing digital learning interventions in workforce development, pre-service education, and capacity-building initiatives for the health and education sectors. In addition to advising multi-national organizations, Jodi has supported international development programs using her business analysis, instructional design, and teaching skills and experience. She is on the advisory board of SXSW EDU and the executive committee of IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering.

Danielle Saunders 
Danielle Saunders is an education-to-workforce consultant and has supported the Chamber of Commerce Foundation T3 Initiative for four years, now co-leading the Skills-Based Hiring and Advancement Project. She helped grow the Open Skills Network (OSN) and her clients include the Education Design Lab and Credential Engine.



Receive helpful and personalized guidance based on your responses to  a questionnaire.


Discover ideas and techniques to help you take action and prepare for the future of work.


Understand the key factors driving the new world of work, learning and leadership.


See what the latest white papers and reports have to say about the future of work.


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