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Louise Nevin Coaching

Louise Nevin Coaching

Louise Nevin is a qualified and experienced ‘Leadership & Career Coach’  with over 20 years’ career strategy experience based in Dublin, Ireland, and coaching clients remotely Globally since 2008.

During her tailored coaching programmes, Louise creates a coaching environment of high performance, change, and learning for her clients, helping them to think strategically and take control of their professional and personal direction.

Louise provides coaching in the areas of Career Confidence & Transition,  Leadership Development, Career Direction & Planning, and Self-Marketing areas such as Job Seeking, CV Review, Interview  Preparation, Networking, Starting a Business and Work-Life Balance. Her coaching programmes will help you think more creatively,  identify and overcome limitations, increase confidence levels, become more resourceful and unlock your potential.

Louise’s coaching and facilitation experience includes a wide range of industries; Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Marketing etc.

If you are a Senior Manager/Executive/Leader and need some coaching support in taking your career plans to the next level, Louise will help you develop the passion, focus and drive to accelerate your career success.


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