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Launched by Linda, LLC

Launched by Linda, LLC

I started Launched by Linda in 2011 when I graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah and was still unclear about my career goals. All I knew was I wanted to help college students reach their goals and fulfill their potential. So I began editing my friends' resumes, graduate school admission essays, and scholarship applications.

Over the next 5 years, moved to Washington, DC, worked in administrative roles, and tried 3 master's degree programs before completing my Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University in New  York City. After graduation, I accepted my first full-time job as a Career Counselor.

I moved back to Utah in 2017 and tried working as an Academic Advisor for a year before returning to Career Services and teaching college courses (Career Exploration, Career Strategies, and Personal Branding).  In addition to coaching and teaching, I have written job descriptions, interviewed candidates, supervised employees, and worked with recruiters.

In 2018, I earned my Certificate in Coaching from New York University and later became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. I discovered my passion for public speaking and have since presented in regional and national conferences and webinars, both online and in person. I moved to San Antonio, TX in 2020 and currently work as a  full-time Assistant Director in Career Services at Trinity University.

I have training and experience in counseling, coaching, and advising, which I’ve incorporated into my unique Launched by Linda Model (see Services). My main theoretical frameworks include Positive  Psychology, CliftonStrengths, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

I strive to integrate clients' personal strengths, values, and interests to create deeper meaning and purpose in life. Mine is a holistic approach incorporating each client's cultural, socio-economic, and family backgrounds.

I use a highly individualized and pragmatic approach in guiding clients through making decisions, setting goals, and planning next steps towards reaching their full potential. I believe self-awareness and emotional honesty are central to creating full meaningful lives, so I prompt clients to explore their motives and inhibitions.

I have a strong aesthetic sense and attention to detail when editing documents and online profiles, with a determination to help clients brand themselves in the most professional, concise, clear, and compelling way possible.

My public speaking style is straightforward, energetic, concise, clear,  and engaging. I like to base my presentations on theories and principles, but always provide concrete strategies for practical application. I am always open to feedback and constantly seeking to improve my content and delivery.

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