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Janine Gemmell

Janine Gemmell

Currently working on career coaching with clients in transition and those who were made redundant.

Are you worried, stressed, or confused about your next steps in finding work?

As a Career Coach, it is my job to help you take that worry away and strategize a pathway for you to be a strong candidate and land that job.   I support you in:-

  • identifying and building your confidence,  helping you with your mindset - self-doubt, stress management by working on a plan and strategy for your job search.

  • through self-discovery coaching identify your transferable skills and bring your cv to life

  • create a personal brand that is consistent with you and your experience

  • work together on preparing you for the interview 

  • ie presentation skills, a case study, or business proposal

  • get you back in the workforce and support you in standing out

United Arab Emirates

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