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Christian Trujillo

Christian Trujillo

Christian Trujillo is a leader and public speaker who is passionate about helping people reach their potential through practical life experiences. Born in Guadalajara, he grew up there until he decided to visit the USA after graduating high school. That was when he met his wife and was given the opportunity to become a US citizen and graduate college. 

After experiencing many blessings through his professional career, he understood that there were a lot very important lessons he had learned that needed to be shared. This desired turned into an actionable item that led him to create his first seminar which it’s called “A career with purpose”. 

This seminar is a comprehensive guide that equips those who attend to depend on God in their professional life. It teaches different techniques and lessons learned through the years on the following topics:

  • Facing reality and not just living in the fantasy of a career

  • Student loans

  • Choosing a career that aligns with the calling in their lives

  • The individual strengths and how to use them

  • Answering questions such as: How to get a job and what kind of job should I get?

  • Some of the experiences and testimonies of my professional life

  • How to write a resume and why

  • The technology behind finding a job

  • Tips to interview well

  • The fear that will steal the opportunities of a lifetime

  • How to grow in your career

  • How to advance their career

  • Set goals

  • Learning new things

  • Applying it

Through this seminar, other keynote speaking engagements, and brief talks, Christian is able to motivate, engage, and encourage those who attend to achieve more and unlock their full potential. Christian also provides one-to-one coaching for those who need help in this and other areas and has helped many achieve their goals. 

United States

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