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Aalto Potential Work Psychology & Coaching

Aalto Potential Work Psychology & Coaching

Aalto Potential – Discovering one's unique potential through psychometric assessment & coaching. When navigating in our ever-evolving work environment, seeking to understand not only ourselves but also the people we work with is undoubtedly valuable. Aalto Potential focuses on obtaining a more in-depth understanding of an individual, their personality traits, self-management styles and what they are capable of bringing to a role, team, or an organisation. Various personality assessments ?and coaching techniques are applied to help build a more understanding, aware, inclusive and psychologically safe work environment where individuals can express themselves and their ideas and flourish their potential. For individuals, this can be done through personality profiling (16PF, Hogan) and one-to-one feedback and coaching. Organisations can benefit from assessment and coaching over various stages of employee's life-cycle such as recruitment & selection, onboarding, development, or outplacement. Alternatively, team development can be approached through team assessments and interactive talks on diversity, inclusion and psychological safety. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aalto Potential operates globally – all services can be carried out either face-to-face or remotely via online video call.

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