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102nd Street W, Bradenton, Florida, United States

102nd Street W Bradenton Florida United States


Deb Palmer George

About Us

A speaker, coach and author of “Your Thriving Nature, Connect with Your Innate Wisdom and Wholeness”

Deb works with individuals, teams, boards, and whole organizations to connect with the best in themselves and others - to build on strengths, transform challenges, and achieve what matters most.

Deb helps people be their best together, as evident in how they communicate, collaborate, and carry out their plans. As a result, her clients break through barriers, transform obstacles, and pursue greater opportunities with confidence. Addressing even the most challenging circumstances in positive, practical ways, Deb's appreciative approach has a real-time impact on relationships and results.

As a keynote speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, Deb works with clients to create engaging experiences with useful tools and valuable takeaways.

As an executive coach working with individuals and leadership teams, Deb helps people build awareness and choose authentic actions that demonstrate their values and fulfill their goals.

Deb is certified in Appreciative Inquiry from CASE Western, Conversational IntelligenceⓇ, Conscious Choosing for Flow, and is a Gestalt Institute of Cleveland graduate. She facilitates positive change for groups of all sizes with processes such as AI Summits, World Cafe, Open Space, and Circle. She is certified in various self-assessment and 360 feedback tools including the Neuroview Leadership Trust Assessment that leverages neuroscience to show leaders what to do more, less or differently to create a high-trust culture within their team.

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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