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Massillon, Ohio, United States


Carla Reyes

About Us

I specialize in coaching young and mid-life adults who want to become more effective in their pursuits. From career to relationships to personal well-being, my goal is to empower you to generate deep insights about how to move forward with your goals from a position of personal strength. I help people explore who they are and want to be, what values and passions they hold closely, their unique motivators, and what systems are most beneficial for helping them achieve their goals.

My decade-plus of experience working with individuals of various cultural, educational, and language backgrounds within higher education and other professional environments has provided me with excellent training. I ask questions that move people slightly out of their comfort zones and prompt them to reflect on how effective their current perspectives, inner dialogue, and decision-making processes are for moving them toward their deepest values and goals. As created beings, every individual has an inherent and God-given purpose and identity that deserves to be explored and lived out. My listening, intercultural communication, and life coaching skills allow me to create an intentional space for deep reflection and pathway planning.

• Academic coaching

• Life coaching

• Reinvent yourself

• Powerful questions

• Empathetic listening

• Asking powerful questions

• Goal planning

• Motivation

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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