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Aneta Buckthought Career Coaching

About Us

Over the last decade, Aneta worked for prominent organizations in many countries. With that in mind, the purpose of becoming a coach was based on her interest in people's emotions. And what role they are playing in their career and outside world. Thus, she completed her second MSc in Career Management and Coaching.

Since 2008  she has been practicing Coaching Constellations, which she's implementing in her coaching practice. Also, Aneta participated in many workshops and training activities and completed many coaching qualifications in several fields.

With all of that, she gained exceptional knowledge in academia, psychology, and the holistic world. Combined, they create a unique approach to working with coaching clients. Not only her career, but due to her personal experience in therapeutic and holistic activities, she started looking into resources within ourselves. She designs bespoke coaching packages for each client and assists in reaching the ultimate potential while staying authentic.

Her belief lies in people's resources and their hidden skills. Aneta's brand purpose is to coach and teach people to achieve their highest potential and stay authentic to themselves. She is also a  public speaker, author, and mother to three beautiful boys.

At present, she is working with individual clients and groups online and building several businesses and teaching platforms.

Recently  she has published her eBook   “Authentic Achievers the Power of Your  Potential”  which can be downloaded at

Also, she was  published in one of the global magazines, her interview you can read  here

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