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Ana Paula Holanda Leadership and Career Coach

Ana Paula

Rio de Janeiro Brazil


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Services Offered :

● Career discovery

● Career development

I work as a Professional Coach for Executives, Business Owners and  Individuals who seek for coaching a career change, students choosing a  career and Individuals facing personal challenges as well.

I'm a huge believer in helping people to thrive. I have the privilege of leading people to new heights in their careers.

Nothing gives me more joy at work than helping people to realise their potential and do the things that light them up.

I  have worked at a group of companies in the areas of Marketing,  Commercial and Editorial, with international trading to Angola and  Portugal.

I have Masters in International Business Management (International Program) at FGV.

I  am a certified Professional Coach (Business and Life Coach)at  ABRACOACHING, also certified Executive Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach  and Career Coach for Students at ICI Integrated Coaching Institute  (affiliated and certified by ICF).

Certified DISC Analyst by Lidera Assessments.

ICF Associated Member.

Career Coach at Risesmart.


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