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Professional Testing, Inc

Professional Testing, Inc

Professional   Testing provides effective, valid, fair, reliable, and legally defensible   assessment and evaluation services, helping businesses, industries,   professional associations, and licensure/certification agencies ensure that   today's workforce is competent, and that the organizations administering the   assessments are viable and credible.

   Working with both large and small testing programs and certification   organizations, we specifically tailor our service offerings for growing   programs seeking rapid development of high value-added comprehensive   assessment solutions. Because growing programs often have limited financial   resources, we seek to deliver our services in the most cost effective manner   possible. The focus of our business service model is the creation of   measurable value for our clients.

   Clients select Professional Testing for our ability to deliver strategic   counsel and to provide innovative and sound solutions to their challenges. We   offer a full range of services addressing: program development and   re-engineering, examination development, recertification, accreditation,   policy, governance, organizational effectiveness, and strategic planning. Our   expertise in building successful programs is supported by a solid   understanding of credible certification practices in all program areas. We   believe the ideal way to assist our clients develop quality programs is by   listening carefully, asking questions, and matching their needs to our   industry and professional knowledge.

   Once our clients engage in a business relationship with us, we manage their   strategic goals and continually add new features, functionality, and services   to better serve their needs.

   Professional Testing has the breadth of experience and resources to provide   you with a complete solution regardless of your organization's unique   requirements. We will work with you to assess your needs, create project   plans, and develop and implement solutions including back-end services. We   can do as much or as little as necessary to provide our clients with the   ability to maximize the benefits of outsourced expertise.