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eCom Scotland

Assessment and Competency products from eCom Scotland include eNetAssess, a cloud-based certification testing and examination system, with question and assessment authoring, test scheduling, proctor management, online marking and extensive reporting. eNetAssess eNetAssess manages assessments from concept to delivery. It delivers real-time insights into the certification or examination process, supporting the management and controlling the creation and delivery. It helps Assessment teams to work effectively, facilitating communication and seamless transition of users through the various delivery options. 360 Feedback, surveys and Training Needs Analysis can be delivered with this cloud-based assessment tool as well as randomised, categorised and benchmarked surveys. eNetAssess is a secure system which provides real-time feedback for assessment stakeholders. It has been designed and built by experts who understand the eAssessment process. With over 20 years’ experience of supporting clients to delivery online testing. eNetAssess links with eComScotland’s authoring tools to allow complex and innovative question types to be created. eNetEnterprise eNetEnterprise is a flexible Workforce and Talent Management system which can be tailored to your business and branding needs, and integrate with your HR System. It’s a proven multi-device solution to skills management that enables you to assess and measure performance and compliance across all levels of your organisation. eNetEnterprise® records competency, career paths, learner journeys, personal development plans, training requirements, course outcomes and assessment results all in one place. Allowing you to take full control of the data for your workforce management. Effective workforce development can deliver significant improvements in performance and profit. Failure to identify and address compliance and competence gaps can prove costly. Don’t run the risk on your company’s workforce development, contact the eCom team today! eNetReality eNetReality is eCom's VR assessment authoring tool, provide both creation and delivery tools, built using xAPI output for comprehensive analysis. eNetAuthor eNetAuthor brings the best of browser based content team authoring with HTML5 open standards outputs, exports SCORM , and xAPI. Built for mobile delivery. eNetBadges eNetBadges is a micro-credentialing tool used by widely for high-stake certification. Built on OpenBadge standards, all badges issued can be backpacked to other compliant platforms.


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