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Learning Mindset Worksheets

The first step to developing your learning skills is to understand your mindset, barriers to learning, and your ability to self-reflect. Talent Transformation provides a free Learning Mindset Quiz that generates a personalized report to help you evaluate your abilities, strengths, and areas for improvement. The personalized feedback offers insights and a roadmap for your personal development.


Understanding your learning intentions alone isn’t sufficient to develop your skills for lifelong learning. The personalized feedback links to worksheets that offer various exercises and activities to help you practice and enhance your learning abilities. It is best to take the Learning Mindset Quiz first but don’t let our advice get in the way of your enthusiasm! Feel free to download, print, and use any worksheets to develop your lifelong learning skills.

Worksheet to Develop Your Mindset

This worksheet helps you cultivate openness to develop your talents to learn.

Develop Your Mindset Worksheet
Download • 203KB

Worksheet to Setting Goals

This worksheet helps you develop your goals for intentional learning.

Foresight Worksheet
Download • 231KB

Reduce Distractions Worksheet

This worksheet helps you recognize distractions, and the following worksheet enables you to develop a plan to reduce them.

Distractions Worksheet
Download • 293KB

Practice Skills Worksheet

This worksheet helps you understand the skills you need to build to reach your goals is a critical step by listing the specific skills you want to practice.

Practice Skills Worksheet
Download • 200KB

Self-reflection Worksheet

This worksheet helps you self-reflect, evaluate your progress, and develop new skills.

Self-reflection Worksheet
Download • 137KB

And remember – effective learning is driven by the desire to learn. Having a strong desire and the will to achieve it, you can overcome any obstacles on your way.