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Free Intentional Learning Quiz Released by Foundation for Talent Transformation

MIAMI, FL – January 20, 2022 – The Foundation for Talent Transformation is offering a free intentional learning quiz for gauging people’s capacity for continuous learning – an essential asset amid exponential change in the world of work.

The Foundation’s mission is to help individuals stay relevant during times of exponential change. It is creating a library of free online learning resources to help individuals prepare for the future of work by developing themselves, improving their relationships with others, and building knowledge and skills for confidently and effectively navigating through their careers.

The quiz is one of several the Foundation is producing to help individuals keep pace as dramatic technological progress requires workers to learn new information and skills. It evaluates participants’ desire to learn and the extent to which they possess traits that lead to success in learning.

Personalized post-assessment reports identify learning barriers, offer tips for overcoming these roadblocks, and supply follow-up worksheets that provide exercises for overcoming barriers.

“Life-long learning will be essential for anyone who wants to stay relevant and effective amid the dramatic changes happening at work,” said Talent Transformation President Eric Shepherd. “The intentional learning quiz helps individuals build on traits that support their ability to learn and combat any that could hinder their progress.”

About Us

The Foundation for Talent Transformation, a non-profit foundation, aims to help individuals stay relevant, remain engaged, and maintain their well-being by providing free resources such as personality tests, personal development guides, and insights into future jobs. The Foundation’s resources help individuals understand what they don’t know they don’t know. This, in turn, stimulates curiosity and action to develop new skills. (

About Eric Shepherd

Eric Shepherd has led international businesses and associations focused on talent, assessments, and success. As CEO of Questionmark, an assessment software company, Eric helped grow the organization’s software and SaaS platform into a multi-million-dollar international enterprise with tens of millions of assessments delivered per year. Eric has led industry efforts and open standards initiatives to promote best practices for assessments, learning, competencies, and interoperability. As a recognized thought leader and futurist, Eric founded the Foundation for Talent Transformation to help individuals take on the challenges brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution.