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The Talent Transformation Guild helps leaders, talent management professionals, coaches, and consultants manage the changes that are now being driven by the pandemic and the technology driven-revolutions. The Guild uses the vocabulary of the Talent Transformation Pyramid to help members understand, learn, and take action, to prepare for the new world of work.

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The Talent Transformation Guild has emerged from the digital transformation movement brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution. This revolution has changed the very nature of our work which today demands that organisations must continually reskill and upskill their workforces to keep pace. The Talent Transformation Guild recognises this by providing a community of practice to help you understand the changes and how to position your organization for a successful future.

The Talent Transformation Guild connects human resources professionals, personal coaches, and consultants with each other. It stimulates conversation by providing webinars, articles, conferences, and a framework known as the Talent Transformation Pyramid. This framework, licensed under creative commons, provides a vocabulary to enable specific conversations and interventions to prepare for digital transformations.

The Talent Transformation Guild is a community built around the best practice and real-life issues involved in identifying and supporting talent and helping it grow in and during this the 4th Industrial revolution!

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