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Organization Layer

In the organization layer, we evaluate our readiness to performance and then actual performance. Performance outcomes provide data to consider in retrospectives to improve future preparedness.

Team Talents

Teams are made up of individuals and how those individuals interact and divide up the tasks will determine the impact that the team will have. Functioning teams rely on trust to enable authentic conversations that lead to commitment, accountability, and a focus on results.

Individual’s Knowledge Skills and Abilities

The capabilities of a person will depend on the individual’s underlying personality traits, their emotional intelligence, their psychical abilities, cognitive abilities, and the functional skills that they have developed from formal and informal experiences.


Left Hand Side –Behavioral Supports

The left hand side of the Pyramid relates to behaviors and the way that a person performs given the situation, (such as culture, behavioral norms, psychological safety), with these behaviors being driven by the individual’s personality and emotional intelligence, the latter of which having been shaped by their work and life experience to date. This could be illustrated as:

An individual’s behavior will be rooted in their personality and modified by their emotional intelligence and the situation that they find themselves in. An individual’s emotional intelligence will have been developed by their work, learning, and life experience to date. The more an individual has to draw upon their emotional intelligence to behave in a way that is expected by their job the more stressful they will find the role.

Right Hand Side – Capabilities and Ability To Perform

The right-hand side of the pyramid relates to capabilities and describes an individual’s ability to perform, given the environment based on their physical and cognitive abilities, and functional skills that have developed by their experiences to date.