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What You Need to Know About People Analytics

Seismic Changes to People Analytics

Today we’re all having to come to terms with the effects and challenges of COVID-19. But one thing we have learnt during this terrible epidemic is just how powerful analytics have been in the fight to contain the virus and flatten the curve.

On this webcast we're joined by:

  • Chris Moore, President & CEO of the workforce analytics organization ZeroedIn. I’m going to be asking Chris about how analytics will be used in the boardroom and throughout the organization during the COVID 19 outbreak and beyond.

  • And from the leading healthcare learning provider HealthStream Gregg Loughman, Vice President & General Manager for People and Growth Solutions and Jennifer Hamrick, Product Manager of People and Growth Solutions

In industries, like healthcare, the changes brought about by COVID-19 are clearly seismic. From a new world of work perspective, we’d like to know about the kind of new tools and solutions that providers are adopting and how the presence of covid-19 is accelerating or even slowing down that process. This webcast shows dashboards that HealthStream to keep stakeholders informed with powerful and useful analytics.

Chris Moore, President & CEO, ZeroedIn providing Workforce Analytics solutions

Chris Moore is the CEO and Founder of ZeroedIn Technologies, a provider of enterprise workforce intelligence software and services. As CEO, he is focusing his time and resources on innovating workforce and predictive analytics solutions to help his clients gain insight to support better, faster decision making. Chris has a passion and unique talent for taking seemingly complex problems and breaking them down into simple technology-based solutions.

Gregg Loughman, Vice President & General Manager, People and Growth Solutions, HealthStream

Gregg Loughman has worked for over 20 years in the healthcare industry developing programs and leading businesses focused on improving quality outcomes, patient experience, employee engagement and development. He has held senior positions at publicly traded companies over Strategy, Growth, Product Development and Consulting Services serving health systems, national quality stake holders and governmental agencies impacting results from board room to bed side. Gregg serves on HealthStream’s Learning, Performance, Compliance and Revenue Cycle solutions team as Vice President & General Manager leading the vision and execution of our people and growth portfolio.

Jennifer Hamrick, Product Manager, People and Growth Solutions, HealthStream

Jenny Hamrick serves as the Product Manager over HealthStream Learning Analytics where she works with healthcare leaders to help them leverage learning, financial, demographic and health care outcomes data to solve their business challenges. After spending the last decade working with both tech and public policy leaders, she is only more convinced of the need for validated, meaningful data that can be easily accessed in order to drive key business objectives and measure results within any organization. Prior to her career in