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Personal Values Quiz

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Personal Values Quiz Short Description

Staying purposeful in the new world of work

Personal values are essential when defining individual purpose. You’ll thrive when you grasp what is personally important for you to pursue in life and work. Purposeful people live longer, healthier lives. This holds true regardless of how young or old you are when you identify your purpose.

A sense of purpose drives success

Your sense of purpose, derived from a solid understanding of your values, is a critical factor in your personal growth and professional development. Various factors determine your sense of purpose. While behavioral competencies, skills, and abilities help you perform well at work, your goals should be driven by your purpose. Identifying and understanding your values will go a long way to enhancing your potential and give your life meaning.

How will discovering my values help?

This Personal Values Quiz uses “values theory” to measure your inner drive for the following nine values: achievement, conservation, caring, freedom, respect, tradition, enjoyment, stability, equality, and justice. The quiz asks you to respond to various statements on a five-point scale. After you complete this questionnaire, our system will analyze your responses and provide a personalized guidance report to help you find your values. By helping you understand your core values, you’ll gain valuable insights about your purpose, desires, motives, and goals. It will help you identify opportunities and groups that align with your values and purpose.

Why should I take this quiz?

You might struggle with motivation, boredom, and a lack of satisfaction. A lack of purpose undermines decision making and prevents individuals from feeling passionate about their personal and career goals and the discontent stems from misalignment with their purpose. Finding your values will help you discover your path and align your activities with what matters most to you. This values quiz can help you discover your purpose or deepen your understanding of the purpose you have already defined for yourself.

When should I take it?

Contemplating your values is an excellent thing to do at any time, particular when you need to make a decision about your life. If you have been asking yourself questions like what are my values or how to figure out your values, taking this quiz will provide you the best answer. Identifying and pondering your values will help you gain deeper insights into your life and realize a purpose that will lead you to happiness and contentment.



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