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Introduction to Talent Transformation Guild

Automation is transforming the landscape of work and the tasks that we perform. This 4th industrial revolution requires individuals, teams, and organizations to develop new skills and new ways of working.

This is a digital transformation underpinned by fast and frequently changing technology to solve the problems and complete tasks previously performed by people. And this digital transformation demands another transformation. A talent transformation. A transformation that will enable individuals to understand the future and the needs for reskilling and upskilling.

We are navigating uncharted territory. Successful organizations will transform in ways that resonate with their vision, business model, and people while leveraging the benefits of automation. Others will fail.

Providing leadership during times of change demands a deep understanding of the issues. What is going to change? How will it change? Who will do what?

That’s where the Talent Transformation Guild comes in.

The Talent Transformation Guild is an agile community of like-minded people looking to be a part of the solution.

The Guild connects human resources professionals, personal coaches, and consultants with each other.

It stimulates conversation by providing webinars, articles, conferences, and a framework known as the Talent Transformation Pyramid. This framework is licensed under creative commons and provides a vocabulary to enable conversations and interventions to prepare for talent transformations.

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