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Intentional Learning Quiz

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, driven by exponential advances in technology is transforming the nature of work. We have new preferences for the jobs we want to do and how we do them. Some of us may need to adapt as our job roles change or disappear.

To remain relevant amid dramatic change, we must learn new things and master new skills (World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report, 2020). Responding to a 2019 getabstract survey, more than half of Millennials (58 percent) and adult Gen Zers (52 percent), 35 percent of Gen Xers and 34 percent of Baby Boomers said success in their careers depends on updating their skills and knowledge frequently. Respondents most often associated engaging in continuous learning associated with good feelings. "Fulfilled,” “accomplished,” and “motivated” were the most cited emotions by all generations.

A learning mindset — including a strong desire to learn — paves the way to successful learning that keeps workers up to date with the world around them and delivers a competitive edge.

What is intentional learning?

A desire to learn is a mindset. It is not the same thing as learning, which is a skill. Intentional learning quizzes do not measure skills. They evaluate a person’s desire to learn and ascertain whether they possess traits that lead to success in learning — the competencies of lifelong learners. For instance,

4 factors in Intentional Learning

Evaluating your mindset in this way identifies your strengths and weaknesses and offers a roadmap for improvement. The personalized report will help you realize which traits need to be developed or improved.

Recognizing barriers to learning

To thrive in the changing world of work, people must learn new things and constantly adapt. But various barriers can hold them back. Perhaps they find it difficult to start learning, stay focused, or complete coursework. Maybe they aren’t clear about their goals, have trouble pursuing established goals, or lack interest in learning.

Intentional Learning Laptop with Brain

Overcoming such obstacles improves their learning mindset, enabling them to cultivate traits that provide a solid foundation for effective learning.

Talent Transformation’s Intentional Learning quiz reports help individuals recognize their barriers, offer tips for overcoming these roadblocks and provide exercises and activities that further equip them for success in learning.

Additional worksheets come with an optional long report, which drills deeper into each participant’s strengths and weaknesses. The worksheets provide exercises and activities to help individuals overcome their personal barriers for learning.

What is the basis for this quiz?

This quiz measures behavioral traits defined in the Big Five model developed in 1949 by D. W. Fiske (1949). Other researchers, including Norman (1967), Smith (1967), Goldberg (1981), and McCrae & Costa (1987) later expanded the model. Evidence supporting this theory has grown over the years.

Many modern and traditional studies in psychology point to five fundamental dimensions of personality popularly known as OCEAN: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Why should I take this quiz?

Many learning platforms provide excellent content. However, access to content doesn’t necessarily make one a learner. Many individuals struggle to learn and master unfamiliar topics.

Developing a lifelong learning mindset is key to long-term career success. Using the guidance provided by this quiz will help you develop and nurture your learning mindset and become a life-long intentional learner.

When should I take this quiz?

Whenever you feel you have something new to learn! Given the dramatic changes happening in the world of work, you may often need to prepare for new learning experiences. Evaluating your mindset and addressing any barriers it presents to learning will help you learn more effectively and meet your goals.