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How to Develop Your Mindset to Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Have you heard about the growth mindset? Individuals who have this mindset believe that their talent can be developed to make a difference. This may sound easy, but it could be difficult for some people. Nevertheless, thoughts have incredible power in shaping our own lives; that's why having the right mindset is one of the keys to achieving personal growth and career development. As you may have noticed, the world is changing fast, including the rapid transformation of future jobs. At Talent Transformation, we've been focused on helping individuals understand the future of work even before the pandemic. The speed of change to work processes, triggered by the pandemic, has surpassed almost everybody's expectations.

There has been an increasing demand to work from home and partner with machines. And as we advance towards technology-based work, opportunities for jobs related to automation and robotics are on the rise. It's scary how fast things are transforming. But with change comes opportunities. Of course, transformations can be uncomfortable but don't worry; we'll help you develop the right mindset for a happier and more fulfilling life!

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Given that many people have adapted to new ways of working, it is tempting to think that change will be managed swiftly and confidently. But not all of us can change so quickly. Change requires skill and a specific mindset. Not everyone is comfortable with such changes. And unquestionably, more changes are on the horizon. When normality returns, it is likely to look a lot different than it did back in 2019.

Practical Advice

In the first instance, here is some practical advice from a personal point of view. These thoughts are from the advice of experts in psychology and personal development. We hope that our guide will help prepare you for what's to come as the 'new normal' arrives.

1. Avoid beating yourself up

If your life suddenly changes, it does not make you a failure. If you were successful before, you will be successful again. It's okay to admit to others that you're having a bad day or week. This might not come easy, especially if you're a high-achievers, but it can help you restore your self-confidence.

2. Take some "me time" for self-care and become more mindful

'Mindfulness' is about becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and the surrounding environment. Practicing mindfulness enables our thoughts to tune into what we're sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future – a valuable tool in a changing world. Meditation will help you readjust to the new world and new ways of working. You can detect your stress levels using Sensie and try a simple mindfulness app for your mobile device like Headspace, Calm, or Buddhify.

3. Know yourself

A key to enjoying life is loving what you do every day. Your career should play to your strengths and interests as well as your values. Kudos to those aware of their strengths and have a concrete plan for what they want to do in life. To those who are lost, we have developed a free Career Quiz to help you understand more about yourself, reveal insights, and discover interests that have been dormant for who knows how long!

4. Surround yourself with the right people

What do we mean by the right people? People who share the same values and goals can be inspiring supporters. As you discover more about yourself and your purpose in life, your interest in growing your connection to the same people will become stronger. Knowing who your tribe is will make it easier to find them. These days you can grow your network using digital platforms to connect to people who'll empower you instead of engaging in meaningless battles with strangers on the internet. Use your time wisely to follow influencers who will feed you personal development and information to grow your career. Develop your understanding of your purpose in life. Talent Transformation is such an influencer, and you can follow us on social media to receive regular and motivational updates.

5. Set goals

Once you better understand yourself and have gathered insights from those you trust, it's time to set what you want to achieve. The clearer the picture of the life you want to live, the closer you get to achieving it. Remember, you have the power to change!

6. Develop emotional agility

In a recent TED talk, psychologist Susan David explained that greater emotional agility will help you be your best self in times of emotional crisis. Her ideas and thoughts are enlightening. It's normal to be scared – deal with it healthily – this mindset helps us deal with change. Don't bottle or cultivate negative emotions. Instead, develop emotional agility, which is the ability to deal with these emotions compassionately.

7. Make a positive contribution

In the process of evaluating what your success should look like, remember that one of the most amazing things you can do is leave things in a better place than how you found them. Consider what you want from work – and how you want to contribute to society. You will find that you become happier as you do things that are beneficial for you and those around you.


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Change is inevitable, so it will be helpful to learn how to embrace it. Don't beat yourself because something has changed. Instead, look after yourself and become more mindful. Learn about yourself, others, and the future of work to develop insights into the upcoming changes. Connecting with a tribe that supports your personal development will reduce the stresses of going alone. Set some smart goals to provide yourself with some direction. Develop your emotional agility and plan to contribute to your community and the world positively.


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