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Digital Literacy Quiz

Digital Literacy Header Image

Digital literacy is the skills required to use devices and consume digital media to perform tasks, solve problems, and communicate for work, leisure, learning, and socializing.

Digital literacy is becoming essential to participate in the labor market and access public services online and in everyday life. Talent Transformation’s free of charge digital literacy quiz is a self-assessment tool designed to help you evaluate your skills based on one of the leading competence frameworks. By completing a simple questionnaire, you can assess your skills, see how you compare to your peers, and learn how to stay relevant in the new world of work.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy is the critical set of skills in 4 domains:

Digital Literacy Skills 4 Domains

Staying relevant in the new world of work

Digitalization is transforming work, employability, education, leisure, including others, and participating in groups. Consequently, digital literacy – or using devices and consuming digital media – is vital for participation in society and the economy.

Being Aware

To thrive in the changing world of work, individuals must learn new things and constantly adapt. Assessing your current level of competence is an excellent first step. With clear insights into your levels of digital literacy, you can develop goals that will motivate your interest in learning. And with an understanding of your skill level, you can plan to develop yourself by choosing the right learning experiences or courses. And you can start learning, stay focused, and develop yourself with an understanding of where your new skills fit into your portfolio of skills.

Talent Transformation’s digital literacy guidance report helps you become aware of your digital readiness, suggests learning content enables you to stay relevant for the new world of work.

What is the basis for this quiz?

This Talent Transformation quiz is closely aligned with the European Digital Competence Framework, also known as DigComp, a well-funded European project to improve digital competence. The Digital Competence Framework can help with self-evaluation, setting learning goals, identifying training opportunities, and facilitating job search.

Why should I take this quiz?

As with any journey knowing where you are helps you navigate to where you want to go. This Talent Transformation quiz provides a questionnaire for you to self-assess your levels of competence on the topics of information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content creation and safety, and problem-solving. By answering questions, you will develop an appreciation for the skills required for digital literacy. And the digital literacy guidance report will provide deeper insights to help you set goals and plan to build your skills.

When should I take this quiz?

Given the dramatic changes in work, you need to prepare for new learning experiences regularly. Awareness and mastery of digital literacy skills hold the key to engaging in the future of work. Evaluating your readiness, honing new skills, and sharpening the existing skills will help you engage and enjoy the future of work.


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