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COVID-19 Leadership Skills with Hogan Assessments

COVID-19 Leadership Skills with Hogan Assessments

As we struggle with the new normal brought to us by the coronavirus we are providing insights for leaders to better understand how they can manage themselves, manage others and manage their organizations.

World renowned Hogan Assessments provides assessments that are used for recruitment and leadership development. It is a great privilege for us to have Ryne Sherman, Hogan’s Chief Science Officer, and John Horton, lead consultant for Hogan’s Independent Consultants Network, share their wisdom on how we can better manage change.

Guests on this Episode

Ryne Sherman, Chief Science Officer of Hogan Assessments

As Hogan’s Chief Science Officer, Ryne is responsible for managing the primary functions within Hogan’s industry-leading research department, including client research, product development and maintenance, and Hogan’s research archive and infrastructure.

Ryne’s previous research in personality psychology focused on the role of personality in career pursuits and workplace performance, particularly in defining personality, examining the consequences of personality for life and career outcomes, and the assessment and measurement of personality and individual differences. He has also researched and experimented with new approaches to personality assessment, including unobtrusive assessment via new talent signals, such as voice prosody, word use, and affective responses to stimuli. In addition, he has a keen interest in data analytics, including profile approaches to data analysis and machine-learning approaches to big data, making him a perfect fit to manage Hogan’s extensive research archive consisting of billions of data points.

John Horton, Lead Consultant Hogan Assessments ICN

John Horton is the lead consultant for Hogan’s Independent Consultants Network. In this role, he oversees assessment usage among independent coaches and consultants, as well as boutique executive consulting and recruiting firms, in the United States. He provides commercial, technical, and interpretive support to these Hogan users and their clients who wish to incorporate personality assessment into their selection and development programs. He works closely with the full spectrum of consulting partners to deliver science-based solutions to ensure assessment quality across a variety of organizational cultures and industries. He is also responsible for providing training on Hogan products and best practices, offering simple solutions for complex problems in the talent management industry.