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Top Remote Working Tips from Twitter

Martin Belton checked out there for the best and greatest advice for you all working from home and got some great advice from our Twitter followers.

Transport for London, (with an illustration by Kera Till) started us off well, giving us sound directions for getting to our desks on time. Though as Peter Harrison points out, don’t imagine your journey will always be free of challenges:

Our sporting heroes are have also been quick to remind us that there are still opportunities to make sure you get the recognition you deserve for your hard work:

Planning ahead is also important. Stock answers can be a boon says Marie-Christine:

Of course, setting up your laptop at home can be a challenge. Hannah Wetherill is clearly into re-purposing existing facilities:

Paul Nazareth on the other hand has really got into the spirit of things:

That said, Marcel Cardillo is also organized but is still complaining that his international conference calls aren't going too well.

We hope you enjoyed our April 1st post enjoying the creativity of everyone from home. And as we work from home let's take a moment to thank our scientists and healthcare workers that are using their talents to inform us in the short term, cure us in the medium term and keep us safe for the long term. Thank you.


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