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Talent Transformation Pyramid Overview (1 min 36 sec)

Talent Transformation Pyramid Overview

Automation is transforming the landscape of work and the tasks that we perform. This has created the upskilling revolution with individuals and organizations seeking to develop new skills and new ways of working.

This means it’s more important than ever for us to understand and navigate the factors that support readiness and performance.

That’s where the Talent Transformation Pyramid comes in.

This is a model that brings together the 12 factors that support performance, and illustrates their relationship and hierarchy, so that everyone can share the same map for success.

Actual ‘performance’ will be unpredictable if an individual, team or organization isn’t ready. The penultimate factor of ‘readiness’ is documented within a competency framework and supported by ‘behaviors’ and ‘capabilities’ and without these factors enabled readiness will be an elusive goal.

With automation being part of the problem, it can also be part of the solution. We can now measure all the factors from performance outcomes, readiness, behaviors, capabilities, situation, environment, emotional intelligence, functional skills and the supporting factors being personality, experiences, physical and cognitive abilities which form the foundational elements of performance. We can not only measure the factors, but we can signal which factor, or factors, is frustrating readiness and/or performance.

We are on a mission to explain the 12 factors, help others understand and benefit from this research. 

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