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Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa, ON, Canada


Yuki Gotanda Coaching & Consulting Inc

About Us

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach. I work with international development/humanitarian professionals in career transition, including:

·  Mid-career professionals who wish to transition into international development / humanitarian careers.

·  International development/humanitarian professionals who are transitioning into new roles.

·  International development/humanitarian professionals considering leaving the field and looking for new career paths (finding a job in the home country, starting a small business, etc.)

·  Spouses/partners of international development/humanitarian professionals who are looking for flexible careers.

·  International development/humanitarian professionals transitioning into retirement.

I also work with other expatriates and immigrants who go through cross-cultural career transitions.

For the organizations, I can provide the following services:

·  Career transition/development coaching for employees (employees transition into new roles, cross-cultural adaptation, departing employees, etc.)

·  Non-financial retirement coaching as an employee benefit

·  Expat accompanying spouse/partner career coaching

·  Conflict management coaching

I have over 20 years of international experience in the private sector/UN (UNDP and WFP)/NGO and worked in 19 countries (including DRC, Chad, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Mauritania, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Philippines, and Thailand). In the International Development and Humanitarian setting, I worked in deep field locations, country offices, and headquarters. Having managed humanitarian projects in hardship duty stations, I understand the reality of humanitarian/international development work on the ground first-hand.

Many of my clients have been working internationally. Their career transitions may affect their families, so the coaching conversation often goes beyond their careers. Partnering with my clients, I take a holistic approach, focusing on their longer-term career/life satisfaction. I usually start by helping clients identify their vision, values, strengths, passion, interests, and preferences. Slowing down to understand these will actually speed up the transition and contribute to their long-term life satisfaction and happiness.

Making a mid-life and cross-cultural career transition can be challenging, but you do not have to go through this transition alone. I have personally been on the same path you are on and can assist you with your journey.

To learn more about my coaching service, please visit my website and book a free 30min discovery call.

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