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Charleston West Virginia USA

Charleston West Virginia USA


Wisdom Tree Coaching

About Us

Collaborative   Thinking LLC provides services in human resource development in the areas of   developing, implementing, and evaluating programs that address employee   training and development, performance appraisal, and talent and performance   management to ensure knowledge, skills, and abilities and performance of   workforce meets current and future organizational needs. As a Myers-Briggs   Type Indicator Instrument Master Practitioner, I can provide information   which enhances understanding of yourself, your natural strengths, and your   potential areas for growth. The wide-ranging benefits of the Myers-Briggs   Type Indicator Instrument include areas such as: communication, team   effectiveness, conflict management, and leadership. Psychological type and   the Myers-Briggs Instrument can be used as a spotlight to help us see and   understand more clearly what is involved in team effectiveness and conflict   management.

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Services Offered

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