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About Us

My passion is to teach and coach those ready for deep transformation. My  Calling is working with individuals who serve humanity. Basically, if  you make a living from putting your own energy out there in service of  others you are my tribe. I take a playful, practical approach that  creates both personal and professional resonance. My clients find that  the combination of consciousness teacher, Master business/career coach,  and trainer provide a deeper feeling of wholeness and bigger impact in  the world. Fulfillment and abundance naturally flow from this.

I  developed a self awareness program called Invent Your Own Career,  combining all of this theory and practice.  My life’s work has centered  on assisting others to awaken their gifts, talents, and personal Mastery  by focusing on the relationship with themselves first.  I think I was  born to coach and I’ve been formally practicing since my training in  1997; I have more than 10,000 hours of experience.

It’s clear  that my own journey of healing and integration is directly tied to the  work I offer. As I started to appreciate my gifts and value, my capacity  to show up and hold space for other people expanded. As I reached new  depths of understanding within, my work has found new depths as well. My  ability to find self-acceptance for all that I am reconnected me with  the Self-authority that is our birthright.  Ever the adventurer, I  recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of living overseas.  As of 1st  March, 2020 I reside in the Netherlands.

If you are curious  please reach out with an email: and we can find a  time to focus on your dreams. Our first meeting is complimentary.

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• Update your Resume and LinkedIn profile

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