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Metropolitan Avenue, Queens, New York, United States

Metropolitan Avenue Queens New York United States


Whit (Whitaker) Raymond

About Us

I coach individuals & teams to strengthen how they lead change - to build healthier, more adaptive, productive teams that are guided by real leadership. This is needed and gratifying.

My interest comes from knowing that leadership is essential to making better organizations, better workplaces, and a better world. The challenges for leaders today to communicate effectively, to be inclusive, to generate strong followership are greater than in past decades. Those who experience strong leadership gain more personal fulfillment and have more meaningful impact in shaping their world in necessary, desired ways.


Over my 35 years in this profession, I have been directly involved in organizational change initiatives in large and small businesses including recently BlackRock Financial and Merrill Lynch.

I bring expertise in coaching, planning, guiding, and facilitating changes in an organizations' direction, effectiveness, and culture.


o Planning leadership initiatives

o Building more collaborative cultures/workplaces

o Management and leadership development

o Team development

o Cross-group partnering

o Executive and management coaching and mentoring

o Group coaching

o Organization effectiveness

o Change Management


I coach leaders to strengthen their acumen in activating people's talents, creativity, and passions in pursuing common objectives. I also partner with these leaders in planning and orchestrating desired organizational changes.

WHO I WORK WITH: Two target audiences:

➡ DECISION-MAKERS (heads of business groups/divisions and CEOs) who involve people

in planning and implementing organizational changes.

➡ Individuals with POTENTIAL TO BECOME CATALYSTS AND AGENTS OF CHANGE: managers, high potential contributors, millennials.


When not working, I am with my family, hiking, shooting photos, or studying how people heal and learn within social systems.

Find out more on my website:

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• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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