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124-07 Liberty Ave, Richmond Hill, NY, 11419, United States

124-07 Liberty Ave Richmond Hill NY United States



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I offer life coaching services to 55+ women who are thinking about retirement or who are retired and can't imagine pursuing hopeless hobbies and volunteering and want to regain the confidence to wake up every morning to a life of purpose.

My life coaching services are tailored specifically to address the needs and aspirations of this extraordinary demographic. Retirement is not a one-size-fits-all experience; it's a deeply personal journey that individual goals and dreams should define. Whether you're at the cusp of retirement, in the midst of it, or have been enjoying your retirement for some time, my goal is to help you discover or rediscover your unique sense of purpose and passion.

For those contemplating retirement, my coaching provides a safe and supportive space for exploration. We delve into your aspirations, interests, and values to create a vision for your retirement years that excites and motivates you. Retirement can be an opportunity for reinvention, a chance to pursue long-held dreams, or even explore new passions you may not have had time for during your career.

If you've already embarked on your retirement journey but feel unfulfilled or lacking a sense of purpose, my coaching services offer a lifeline. Together, we'll work on reigniting your passion for life. We'll explore activities, hobbies, and volunteering opportunities that align with your interests and values, helping you regain that vital sense of meaning and fulfillment

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