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Weert Belgium Belgium

Weert Belgium Belgium

About Us

We want   to have impact on and add value to people’s lives, so they can be   successful in creating tangible and visible results for themselves, their   teams and their organisation.We follow our passion and have a vision that we   can articulate. We enjoy working with people and organizations. When we see   people learning and growing, it drives us. Talent development and growth will   always deliver great performance. Lifting a person, a team or a whole company   to a better version of themselves is our passion.For us, the performance is   making you better in delivering results through your talent development. We   thrive from your talent. Your success is our success. We tick your talent.The   three TICkA pillars are TICkA Business, TICkA Sports and TICkA Personal. Via   personal coaching, we help you grow both professionally and individually.   TICkA Business supports people in developing their talent within their   organization. As professional sports psychologists we deal with individual   athletes and/or their staff team. TICkA Personal is a one-on-one   approach. We guide you in seeing a   path towards realizing your goals in life.We explore your needs as an   individual or organization to maximize and optimize your potential.The TICkA   approach is characterized by 4 development journeys: developing ME,   developing US, developing OTHERS and developing IT.

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