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For Organizations: We offer a wide-range of coaching and consulting services that target the leadership development and people strategy of our organizational clients. The list of services are: 1. Executive & Leadership Coaching: Coaching assignments for Senior Leaders, Mid-Level Managers and Emerging Leaders or High-Potentials. We offer a number of individual and program coaching assignments that offer a tremendous level of flexibility in pricing. Assignments are organized into individual sessions, 3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month, and 12-Month assignments. 2. Leadership Development & People Strategy Consulting: We work with organizations to build critical leadership development and people strategies that will drive long-term innovation and success. This may include program design and development, succession planning, org structure, or development of high-potentials and emerging leaders. 3. Leadership Assessments & Debriefs: We offer up to four leadership assessments that cover inner and outer-core concepts. Our assessments are typically used in conjunction with a specific coaching assignment, workshop, program, or succession plan. However, we do utilize a couple of our assessments specifically for the purpose of identifying and developing high-potentials. Our assessments are: 1) Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI); 2) CPI-260; 3) I-OPT Survey; 4) STLI-360; 5) LeaderWatch Survey (used to measure success or ROI). 4. Career Advancement & Limited Transition Assistance: We work with organizations to help improve the career advancement of their people, while offering limited transition assistance services for Senior Leaders. Limited transition assistance includes resume review and preparation, LinkedIn profile review, interview coaching, and networking consulting. 5. Workshops: We offer a wide-array of workshops covering Leadership, Interpersonal, and Sales topics. Our workshops are tailored to fit each client. Each workshop is conducted in one or two-day segments. Each segment is 4 hours (half day). For Individuals: We provide individual professionals with a wide-array of coaching and career support services that are tailored to each individual client. These services include: 1. Executive & Leadership Coaching 2. Career Coaching (including Interview Coaching) 3. Executive Resume Writing 4. Leadership, Interpersonal and Sales Workshops

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