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Suite 6060, 3080 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, 431, Canada

Suite 6060, 3080 Yonge Street Toronto Ontario Canada

The Eden Park Group

About Us

We work with individuals who are at different stages of their career journey and we can act as a sounding board, a guide, or as a co-pilot – it’s up to you.

We work with organizations who want to provide a tailored level of support to their people in the area of career planning and career management. We can deliver career coaching programs to complement your succession planning initiatives or career planning consulting to complement your existing initiatives – it’s up to you. Also, we work with leaders and teams through Leadership Coaching – Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, and, Organization Development Consulting.

• Discover the right career for you

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

Communication Types

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