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10 Mile Bridge Rd, Fort Worth, Texas, United States

10 Mile Bridge Rd Fort Worth Texas United States


The CrossGroup

About Us

Mark Cook has invested his entire career in teaching individuals and organizations how to improve their productivity.  By using best-practice assessments, experiential learning, group processing, and personal coaching, Mark provides a holistic learning experience to assist organizations in reaching their potential and flourishing in the marketplace.

Mark is an Executive Coach and Professional Trainer with an expertise in curriculum development, strategic planning, and organizational leadership and a passion for seeing others improve.

Using his 25 years of experience in active learning, Mark founded a consulting firm in 1999 that served a variety of firms and organizations in performance management improvement through assessment, training, and execution of projects.

Mark’s biggest contribution to organizations is facilitating the professional development of leaders using proven methods that lead to real growth and change.  Organizations need proactive leaders at all levels, and Mark provides professional development to support this need.

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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