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Allevard Street Long Beach New York United States


That Creative Recruiter

About Us

I'm Kristina with a K, a Creative Recruiter (with ~6 years of NYC staffing experience) + Career Coach (who knows how real the struggle is when it comes to job searching). How I work with candidates 1:1: -Act as an unbiased resource to provide custom strategies based on their job search preferences and non-negotiables. -Create practical game plans that allow candidates to find jobs/companies that foster creative freedom without sacrificing their lifestyles. -Lead with empathy (to make sure they feel heard and safe), followed by direct advice (because beating-around-the-bush communication only wastes time). My main areas of expertise include creative, advertising, and marketing, but I've also worked with talent in higher education, manufacturing, sales, and more. Fun Facts include: -I converted to Judaism in 2020. -When I was in 5th grade I sang at the Apollo Theatre. -I once spotted Peter Dinklage walking a Great Dane in NYC.

• Network Coaching

• Discover the right career for you

• Prepare for interviews

• Search for your new job

• Reinvent yourself

• Update your Resume and LinkedIn profile

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• Virtual Meetings

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