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Warwick Rhode Island USA

Warwick Rhode Island USA



About Us

TalentValue helps companies hire, train, and retain the right people through innovative, interactive and integrated web based systems. While your employees can take your organization to incredible heights of success, they also present some of the greatest challenges you face every day. TalentValue is your resource to help identify and solve the people issues you address so you can get back to running your business. What’s in a Name? Naming a company sends a message. Words tell a story. If it makes sense, it crafts a distinctive image. We chose our name for a reason.TalentValue is focused on creating confidence in your human systems and the people you employ. It is the Talent that comes from each human being that generates the real power behind what you deliver to your customers and clients.Talent is that special ability that allows someone to do something well. This comes from the right blend of the tasks (what you do) with the behaviors (how you do it) to become the “secret” sauce that makes you special. Some of this knowledge may come naturally; but for the most part Talent must be identified and nurtured. . . And then it must be correctly joined together and focused to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.That unified Talent creates substantial Value. It creates Value for the customer; Value for the employee - the people who work for you every day; Value for the owner and the organization ; and Value for the community at large.

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