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252 BROADWAY, San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

252 BROADWAY San Francisco Bay Area California United States


Susan Chritton

About Us

When I was young my favorite board game was a game called Careers. I loved that I got to choose my formula for fame, fortune and happiness, and then create my own winning strategy. It had a special magic.

I still love that special magic. Now, as an Executive Coach, I use my magic to guide thousands of people through changes in their lives. I help them understand and develop their unique formulas and strategies—even if they come to me with blank slates.

The outcome? My clients enhance their careers, work towards their goals and live more authentic and satisfying lives. They play by their rules—and they love it.

What is your formula for a good life? Do you love it?

Through 20+ years of work in the careers field as Master Career Counselor, Master Personal Brand Strategist and Hudson Certified Master Coach, I’ve found that I love Personal Branding. It’s one of the best tools I use to help my clients find their formulas.

That’s why I wrote Personal Branding for Dummies. I’m grateful that my readers made it the #1 Personal Branding book on Amazon for years.

Part of my personal brand is a commitment to my profession and the community. I serve on the Board of the Career Thought Leaders think tank; facilitate Personal Branding certification programs; train coaches to align their brands with their practices; and speak on Personal Branding, Career Development and Positive Psychology.

Dedicated to supporting the voices of women, I founded the Wise Woman Initiative ( to provide resources and build community through events and gatherings. I lead the annual Witches Walk in October to raise money for the community.

In my free time, I enjoy family and friends, attend classes, participate in book clubs, travel the world and ride my red Vespa to yoga class.

MY unique formula?

Deep knowledge, good judgment and intelligence. Adventure, enthusiasm and curiosity. A lively sense of humor, unbridled optimism and a laugh that bubbles up. And that Vespa…

You can learn more at

A few of the Credentials I hold:

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Master Hudson Coach

Certified in Applied Positive Psychology

Certified Career Counselor

National Certified Counselor

Board Certified Coach

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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