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Our role is to help mentor, coach and educate managers and executives in companies of all sizes. Current statistics indicate that there is an epidemic, to the point that over 72% of employees feel disengaged as well as an average turnover rate of approximately 50% in the first year for new employees. There is an ongoing need to remove dysfunction and ineffectiveness from an organization utilizing real-world experience from an impartial point of view. We provide the skills and knowledge to gain better alignment, buy-in and re-engagement of employees. We provide a well-rounded delivery of an educational process which includes a blended learning approach. This approach includes key learning materials, classroom learning, and engaged follow-up activity to fully reinforce these skills and techniques well into the future. Dale has over thirty-five years of best-practice based management experience specializing in the practical integration of business operations and software solutions, the promotion of quality management principles, and the growth and development of management and staff. Dale is a results-driven former Senior Executive with a successful track record of delivering high profile, mission critical programs within various industry sectors including Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Regional Sales industries. His key strengths include directing the creation of roadmaps to update strategic plans, building and managing large IT and Business operations teams, delivering strategic projects on time and within budget, and mentoring/coaching key management and staff to be successful.

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