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Soozy G. Miller

About Us

NEWS FLASH: You do not need to like your new resume. The hiring team does.

FULL SERVICE: Remove your barriers to success. Forget the fear of an unknown future. Improve your materials and then connect with my power partners, some very successful global executive recruiters.


9 for 1 Specialist: How to know that you will get tons of value for your investment

Short Term ROI: How to quickly get comfortable with your job search with the least effort and enjoying the most value

Ageism Buster: How to turn your age from a perceived flaw to a powerful asset

Quick Control: How to optimize your job search materials & land offers in as soon as 1 week

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FOR EXECUTIVES ONLY: How would it feel if you could control your career within 20 days? Do you think that you deserve a better job and a better salary? Do you want to join a Board? Do you want a job that feeds your soul?

Take Oscar. He is an executive chef who was suffering from The Great Resignation. He was overworked and exhausted and needed a new job, but he had no idea how to get started. Before we even finished with his sessions, he told me that his phone had been “ringing off the hook” with fantastic offers.

Why? Because he learned how to market himself to his industry using his new materials. Instead of simply sending his resume everywhere, he learned how to target the right jobs and then demonstrate why he was the best choice. He learned how to write and speak about himself in a way that attracted better opportunities to him, instead of him chasing them. In about 20 days, he had more excellent offers than he could handle.

You will land the job you want with the salary you deserve in as soon as 20 days.

BONUS: "Business Leadership & Culture," the new book that everyone is talking about. A bestseller that I co-authored about leadership creating better workplace and culture.

Let me help you to control your career.

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

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