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520 Carpenter Ln, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19119, United States

520 Carpenter Ln Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States


Rachel Caesar

About Us

Rachel Caesar is a Culture Strategist & HR Analyst who partners with CEOs, Executives, and Solopreneurs to grow their businesses and organizations. After spending nearly a decade working in Non-Profits as an Executive, Rachel took a leap of faith and decided to start Rachel Caesar Consulting in 2020. Rachel's expertise and passion are in helping organizations commit to a culture where all people can advance and thrive. She is known for her collaborative, direct, and results-driven approach. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Rachel started her career in 2003 working in Social Services. After completing graduate school in 2009, she quickly transitioned into Managing and Leadership, overseeing departments ranging from Public Health to Child Welfare.

Rachel focused on employee relations, learning management systems, and organizational structure in these sectors. For the next ten years, Rachel was allowed to work in small and large organizations, where she honed her executive partnership skills, business acumen, and collaborative approach. Her experiences include successful work in more than 20 new and existing business development initiatives reducing HR operational expenses while increasing employee engagement and retention, implementing metrics and measurements of performance, and building successful and integrated teams. In addition, Rachel mentors young women and loves giving back to underserved communities.

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