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Professional Resources Organization


Lebanon Ohio USA


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Services Offered :

● Coaching Services

Professional Resources Organization (PRO) was founded by John Rouse with the mission of helping companies improve both organizational and individual performance. The staff and associates of PRO are lead by Mr. Rouse. He started PRO by offering a range of business coaching and consulting services to emerging and mid-sized companies. The specific offering of services is tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. PRO provides organizations with professional services and products related to both Organizational Development and Individual Development functions.The foundation of PRO services is our management consulting and business ["Coaching Services"]. We refer to this as PRO Associates. Our work can range from evaluation of the business through strategy development, planning, and implementation when needed.We also provide coaching for individual executives and managers. PRO Executive Coaches are trained and certified in the PRO Coaching process of executive coaching. This comprehensive process combines the best from several executive coaching programs and focuses on identifying needs and opportunities related to effective business behavior.


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