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The 5 Most Important Things About People Values:Award Winning ProcessesSince 2000, the People Values' 7-Step Job Matching Process has been receiving praise by respected groups like CNN Money, the INC. 500 and SHRM. In 2005, we started receiving international exposure when we were invited to present this process to the 1,000+ counselors at the International Convention of Small Business Development Centers.Business Built on Referrals96% of People Values' Clients are referred to us by Industry Advisors, Business Coaches and Consultants throughout the world. Unfortunately, we don't get too many client referrals though... most of our clients do not want their competitors (or anyone) to know about Job Matching and their secret to success.Over 37 Industries & 2,000 PositionsSince our systems are customizable (& duplicatable), they have been used to Job Match & develop employees in 37 industries & over 2,000 positions. Our process has helped clients hire TOP Performers in positions from CEO, to HR Manager, to Sales, to Chef, to Welder, to Bus Driver, to Janitor, to Receptionist, to Flight Attendant, to Accountant, to Doctor, to...Partnered with Clients to Recruit, Hire & Develop over 20,000 EmployeesSince our videos, Job Matching Process & TOP Performance System are all web-based, we now have clients throughout North America as well as Australia, New Zeeland, Great Brittan, Korea, Barbados, India as well as many other countries. Our process has been used in making the decision to hire (or not) over 20,000 employees so far.But We Can't Help Everyone...Since the process that People Values' provides their clients were built on the Recruiting, Hiring and Retention systems of most of the Fortune 500, they work great for large business but were actually customized for small business. But these strategies are only for the most driven business owners and managers ready to take their business (& lives) to the next level of success.

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