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Bethesda Maryland United States


Pathways To Future

About Us

With over 12+ years of experience as a Career & Leadership Coach working with individuals, organizations, and executives within large organizations, I have the tools and expertise necessary to provide my clients with the highest standards of professional coaching services.

I  provide my knowledge and services to those with an interest in bettering themselves and increasing their effectiveness to reach the next level of their professional goals.

If you are:

• delaying the decision of making a career change when you know it’s the right thing to do

• in a position where you have started to feel like your values don’t align with the company anymore

• feeling stuck and you don’t exactly know ‘what to do next

• noticing that instead of waking up inspired… you are waking up every Monday with a feeling of dread

• feeling unhappy and unfulfilled with where you are in your career right now

And you want to:

• avoid wasting any more time in ‘figuring things out yourself’

• wake up excited and inspired to go to work again

• feel valued and respected at your company for the work you are doing day in and day out

• gain clarity on exactly ‘what you want to do next’

• overcome internal barriers & find impactful work that’s aligned with your abilities, skills, and values

• have an accomplished career and a fulfilled life

• live life on ‘your terms’ and have ample time for doing the things you want to do

Then I can help you out in creating the career and life you want.

And don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my clients have been saying:

“…  I would highly recommend that any woman (or man) looking to take action towards change should work with Kelley at Pathways to the Future. She  has been instrumental in helping me develop the life I have always  wanted.”

“… within a few months of completing my work with  Kelley, I was promoted to Vice President of my firm. I don’t know how or if that would have been possible without her help in motivating and focusing on me. It was truly a pleasure to take this journey with  her  When I feel lost in the future, Kelley will be my first call.”

If you’re interested in gaining clarity on your next steps, creating a  bigger impact, and achieving the next level of success in your career,  let’s have a chat over coffee. You can drop me a message here on LinkedIn or email me.

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

• Face-to-Face Meetings

• Phone Calls

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