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8190 NW 197 Street, Miami, Florida, United States

8190 NW 197 Street Miami Florida United States



About Us

Pathwaves is a Miami-based neurotech company specializing in Neural Empowerment™ a proprietary, multi-dimensional and innovative methodology that uses the powerful principles of neuroplasticity along with integrative biofeedback and timeless healing modalities to help people attain an optimal state of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical harmony.  

As a for-profit, social impact company, Pathways was established in 2016 with eight years of research and development preceding its launch. The Pathways team uses advanced technology to provide clients the tools to re-parent their cells utilizing their Brainwave Positioning System™(BPS) – customized for each individual’s genetics, current biology, beliefs, life experiences, and desired outcomes.  Through an evidence-based tracking and management system that monitors nine separate variables, across 100 different proprietary programs, the company produces meaningful and measurable client results. Conditions addressed range from clinical and therapeutic – depression, anxiety, sleep issues, etc. – to universal health and wellness goals of improving calmness, focus, performance, all while reducing stress and fear.  

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