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Paddy Jobsman


Dublin Ireland


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Services Offered :

● Career development

I was born to do this. It’s in my blood.

My heritage dates back to the Jobsman clan who descended from the  Irish Highlands after the Bronze Age. It was my great ancestor,  Marcellus Jobsman, who invented the résumé, which was recorded on two slabs of granite stone. We were bred on the employment battlefield.

My great-grandfather, Paddy Jobsman II, rode through  Dublin on horseback during The Great Depression, handwriting CVs for every man, woman, and child he could find. My family history is soaked in tales of such heroism.

But now it is I, Paddy Jobsman, who must pay homage to those who've come before me and carve out a new legacy. One that will be built upon getting you a better job, more money, and above all else, freedom.


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