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Matt Thieleman

About Us

My current mission is to connect a coach to every founder in the world. I'm giving myself 10 years - through 2030.

WHAT I DO: I help people unleash their awesome on the world. I'm a leadership and executive coach, visionary, and change maker.

WHAT I BELIEVE: I believe each of us was put here for a purpose. That there is something within us - our own unique gift - that the world is calling for. And I believe we all literally create our universe - through our beliefs, our actions, and our energy. We make our world.

We're capable of creating a bigger impact in this lifetime than we could ever imagine. That includes you. You're here for more. More connection. More change. More love. More impact.

In 2015, I founded Golden Bristle to take action on those beliefs and make a bigger impact in the world. In 2021, I worked as CEO of Pilea to bring my impossible mission to life and shift business as usual in the startup world. In 2022, I returned to coaching to re-focus on my clients and other projects.

I coach change-makers to help them live into their purpose more fully. I train coaches so they can be their most powerful selves.

And I'm a proud member of communities of coaches, Founders Against Burnout, and VCs Who Care, all committed to the same mission: to help founders and their teams build companies to their fullest potential, without burnout.

5 questions guide my current missions:

- Who does the world need us to be as leaders today and over the next 50 years?

- What if each of us woke up every day and lived and worked from our truest purpose?

- What if we were all committed to the success, health and well-being of all startup founders, and thus the health of our world?

- How do we best bridge the two sides of our humanity today - technology and nature - in a world of ubiquitous software?

- How can public and private work together to best shape the communities of tomorrow?


I was Made in Detroit.

• Executive coaching

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

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