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1st Helena Dr, Los Angeles, California, United States

1st Helena Dr Los Angeles California United States


Lisa Meadows Coaching & Consulting

About Us

Over the last few years, corporate America has placed a significant focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in roles at the mid to senior levels of leadership. As a tenured Senior Talent Acquisition Partner and Advisor to executive leaders in banking, financial services, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, my expertise is in identifying, engaging and hiring diverse professionals into these organizations.

In my current role as the Diversity Talent Engagement Lead at Pfizer Global Supply, I lean into my experience and network to identify and engage with gender diverse and under-represented professionals whose expertise contributes to the critical, life changing work currently underway and who value Pfizer's inclusive culture and commitment to global health.


Lisa Meadows Coaching & Consulting

Having spent 25+ years working in Corporate America, my experiences as an under-represented leader has led me to develop a powerful coaching and training program for women, emerging leaders and people of color who have been marginalized, under-valued and over-looked on their path to leadership.

My signature coaching program, RISE Leadership, addresses the traditional and systemic challenges these leaders experience and helps them:

🎯Determine how they are currently perceived by senior leadership
🎯Isolate and remove the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from taking action
🎯Identify workplace biases and barriers that have been impeding their career advancement
🎯Overcome imposter syndrome so they lead with a deeper level of confidence
🎯Improve their communication skills so they speak with authority lead on the strength of their words
🎯Strengthen their ability to advocate for themselves and own their accomplishments
🎯Develop their executive presence in order to be an impactful and influential leader

As a result of our work together, you will become an impactful and influential leader in your organization.

I developed this program because I am committed to changing the landscape of what leadership has traditionally looked like in order to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where every voice is heard, every person is seen and everyone is valued for their differences.

If you are tired of feeling marginalized and you're ready to be empowered, to rise into your greatness in both your professional and personal life and create your legacy ... we should connect at Lisa@LisaMeadowsCoachin

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