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Lisa Meadows Coaching


Santa Clarita California United States


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Services Offered :

● Management, Leadership, and Executive coaching

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

Above all, I am a woman whose passion and purpose are to be of service and have a positive impact in this world by sharing my gifts and expertise.

When you are empowered to achieve your highest potential, personally and professionally, you are able to authentically live and lead intentional, impactful, and purposeful lives.

Lisa Meadows’ Coaching helps individuals (men and women) achieve the success they strive for in reaching their career goals and moving into higher levels of leadership.

I have combined my 25+ years of experience as a successful Talent Advisor to senior leaders and coaching top industry talent as a Certified Professional Coach, into a Leadership and Career Coaching practice.

I champion the empowerment of women to rise as leaders in their communities and in their professional and personal lives. Every woman that I work with will overcome workplace and gender biases that have limited their career advancement and will transform how she shows up and impacts her world – she will Rise into her authentic self.

I am equally committed to developing and empowering emerging talent (men and women) who represent diverse populations. These are our future leaders whose education, hands-on knowledge, technical expertise, and perspectives combined with their self-confidence, self-worth, values, perspectives, and unique talents will enable them to advance in their careers and shift the landscape of leadership to a more inclusive and diverse place.

Together, WE will be the change the world is calling for!


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