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Lighthouse Leadership Coaching, LLC

About Us

Exemplary leaders … have a coach who challenges their comfort zone, holds them accountable, and be their trusted advisor as they reach new levels of success. This is the type of coaching we do! Dr. John Nguyen and his team of certified professional coaches specialize in coaching executive leaders and empowers them to create balance and overwork while getting results from their ambitious goals. Our team helps leaders build respected leadership behaviors, influence, and credibility, take responsibility for their commitments, and explore other ways of leading and communicating. OUR LEADERSHIP PROCESS AND STYLE ARE EVIDENCE BASE AND DATA-DRIVEN We start with a baseline assessment including 360 reviews, observer assessment, and self-assessment. We document your growth with pre and post-data collection. DIRECT: Getting you uncomfortable is our job. We will hold up the “mirror” to tell you the truth and ask challenging questions. INTEGRATED: We will include your stakeholders - manager, peers, and team members throughout your entire coaching experience. ENCOURAGING: We will be your sounding board, cheerleader, and trusted advisor. We will be with you every step of your success journey.

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